Kimmy and Penny

Centre County; Wellness visits


Mifflin County; Treatment

WARNING! Graphic Images


Juniata County; X-Rays

AARF PA was contacted by the friend of an elderly lady on a fixed income. Her dachshund, Daisy, had fallen off the bed two weeks before and had been unable to walk since.  Daisy's back legs were paralyzed, and her vet would not see Daisy until she had $150 for x-rays.  AARF PA arranged for another local vet to see Daisy and paid for the x-rays. 


Mifflin County; Surgery




AARF PA was contacted by a local vet requesting help for neutering of a German Shepherd.  The owner had gone to jail and the dog was being kept by a family member, who with good intentions, we assume, decided to neuter him at home. The way farmers do with bulls.  Using rubber bands.  Obviously this did  not work and caused the dog great pain.  The dog was seen at the vet with the rubber bands still in place.  AARF provided funds for a proper neutering. 

Kimmy and Penny hadn't seen the vet for almost 3 years due to financial hardship.  Their dad, Barry, is a widower, who takes care of his disabled adult son and therefore cannot work. Penny had some issues with her foot, and Kimmy was having some urine issues.  AARF paid $ 201.60 for senior visits. 

Spay / Neuter Clinic

​at Pleasant View/Juniata Veterinary Clinic​


"I want everyone to know that this nonprofit is a wonderful life saving organization. They helped me with my cat when I was in dire need of her getting checked by a vet. My dog bit her tail and tore a good bit off of it
They helped me with the vet bill that I couldn’t cover."

~ Lulu's Mom, Renee

Emma Grace

Centre Country; Spay

Marshmallow is the pet cat of a young man whose family was experiencing some financial hardships.  Her family called the vet when Marshmallow hadn't been herself for several days.  Based on the phone conversation description of her symptoms, an infection of some sort was a concern.  Fortunately, it turned out that Marshmallow only had a severe flea infestation.  AARF PA contributed $76.73 to Marshmallow's treatment, and she is doing well!