a.  This must be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of a partner vet. The prognosis must include a predicted survival rate of 50% or better for survival beyond six months.

AARF PA Grant Guidelines

a.  AARF PA's Grant Application can be accessed using this link.  (If you are unable to access the application, contact us.)  AARF PA will be given the original application.

4. Grant recipients will complete the grant application provided by AARF PA.

1. The main criteria is need.

2. Funds may be used for any animal.

a.  Grants are not awarded exclusively to dogs and cats. We welcome horses, goats, pigs, elephants, etc.

a.  Our preference, in order to extend AARF PA funds, is that grant recipients have exhausted all other payment options at their disposal, such as a personal credit card, care credit, etc. 

b.  We also prefer that AARF PA funds be used to pay for treatment rather than office visits. 

      -  Treatments can include but are not limited to spay/neuter, medicine, x-rays, surgery, euthanasia for medical reasons, etc.
c.  We also understand that exceptions exist for criteria a and b.
d.  Elderly people and those on a fixed income would be examples of such exceptions.  AARF PA relies on our partner veterinary practices and their staffs' knowledge of their clients to determine who is in need and should be offered a grant.

3. Funds will be used for extraordinary treatment where the animal’s prognosis is fair or better.