1. To provide humane solutions to pet overpopulation. (spay/neuter)
2. To education the community on the benefits of spay/neutering.
3. To provide monetary and other support to animal welfare organizations and individuals for medical, spay/neuter, behavior issues, education, outreach and general operating needs via grants, grantwriting, event management.
4. To provide a safe haven through temporary and long term care for animals via foster support, and a physical shelter.


1. Animals contribute positively to our quality of life and have much to teach us about patience, respect, responsibility, loyalty and unconditional love.
2. Every animal deserves to live in a place of love, security and peace.
3. Animals are not a disposable commodity; rather, they depend on us to care for them through all stages of their lives.
4. There are times it is appropriate to make an end-of-life decision based on a deteriorating quality of life or if the animal is harmful to itself or others.
5. AARF PA will work with diverse organizations and individuals that share our fundamental values.
6.Honest and open decision making that allows us to be accountable to our donors and the organizations we support.
7. We hope to provide educational support, advocacy, and sharing of best practices for those who support animals.